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Art podcasts to get your ears around...

The art scene is buzzing with fantastic podcasts for every taste.

There is nothing I like more than having the chance to listen to people talking about art! If I am not listening to music while getting on with housework, walking the dog or on a run, driving from A to B, scrolling Instagram or having a soak in the bath I usually have an art related podcast in my ears!

Most of the podcasts are available in the usual places you get your podcasts from, click the picture from each podcast to go straight to each one.

I hope you discover something new to listen to! Let's go...

General Art:

  • Talk Art: Actor Russell Tovey and gallerist Robert Diament host Talk Art, in-depth conversations with leading artists, curators, and thinkers, delving into their work and the art world at large (not gonna lie, I partly listen to this podcast as I have had a huge crush on Russell Tovey ever since 'Being Human' anyone else?) In the very words of Lena Dunham 'Russell and Robert have made talking art not just pleasurable but necessary'. A fave of mine!

  • The Week in Art: Hosted by the Art Newspaper, a weekly roundup of the biggest news and events in the global art scene, with lively discussions and interviews. Fantastic for keeping up with the latest art developments.

  • Meet Me at the Museum: Hosted by Art Fund, the UK's national charity for art. Explore iconic museums and galleries around the world through engaging storytelling and interviews. Famous faces take their best friend, their mum, their neighbour (whoever they want) for an afternoon at a favourite museum or gallery. As well as a great look behind the scenes, seeing what makes a museum tick, it's also the perfect starting point for some great conversations about life, the universe and everything. As well as a chance to eat lots of cake in the cafe!

  • Art Curious: Presented by contemporary arts curator Jennifer Dasal. This fun and accessible listen deep dives into the fascinating stories behind famous artworks! A lighthearted and engaging look into the weird and wonderful world of art for anyone with an interest in art.

History of Art:

  • The Great Women Artists: The fantastic podcast by Katy Hessel! It's definitely a top choice for exploring the stories and works of extraordinary female artists throughout history. Hessel has a knack for weaving together the artist's life, influences, and artwork into captivating narratives. You'll feel like you're getting to know these women on a personal level, understanding their struggles, triumphs, and unique creative voices. The podcast covers a wide spectrum of artists, from iconic figures like Frida Kahlo and Artemisia Gentileschi to lesser-known gems deserving of wider recognition. You'll discover hidden talents and rediscover familiar faces with fresh perspectives. Hessel's interviews with contemporary female artists are insightful and engaging and you will gain firsthand insights into their creative processes, inspirations, and the challenges they navigate in the art world.

  • Art Matters: Hosted by Ferren Gipson. Art Matters explores the social and political contexts of art, delving into topics like activism, identity, and censorship. Focusing on interesting ways art meets popular culture and non-traditional art topics... Discover what art history and visual culture can tell us about the world around us, and how our everyday interests make us excellent art critics.

  • In Our Time: Culture: A traditional BBC Radio 4 programme hosted by Melvyn Bragg, a renowned broadcaster and cultural thinker. He guides the discussions with wit, knowledge, and a genuine passion for understanding the world through its cultural expressions. Each episode delves into specific artists, periods, and movements with engaging discussions and archival recordings.

For Creatives:

  • Ask An Artist: podcast devised by working artists Laura Boswell and Peter Keegan in 2019, now presented by Peter Keegan and Tom Sheppard since March 2022. Get your burning questions about art answered by professional artists in various fields. The purpose of the show and the related website is to share the knowledge and expertise of what it takes to become a working artist - the sort that gets to make art AND pay the bills at the same time. Covering a range of topics from social media to self-doubt or finding a gallery to finances, they explore slightly taboo business related issues rarely discussed in the art world!

  • Material Matters with Grant Gibson: Hosted by the eponymous Grant Gibson. An interesting angle here, exploring the materials and techniques used by artists, uncovering the stories behind their creations. Listeners find out how guests came to be involved with their material in the first instance and, subsequently, how it shaped their lives and careers.

  • Art Business: Hosted by Dr David Bellingham. A bi weekly podcast offering practical advice and insights for artists navigating the business side of their careers.

  • The Capital of Craft: Hosted by Sarah James MBE, co founder and director of Craft Festival. I couldn't not include this podcast in my round up. I enjoyed a short stint working at Craft Festival HQ last year and really like hearing the makers featured in the podcast discussing their inspiration and experiences in the world of craft with craft legend Sarah! A fascinating insight into the life of makers.

These are just a few of the podcasts I have enjoyed dipping into. Please share any that you recommend in the comments, always up for a new podcast to devour!

Enjoy x

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