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Christine Evans

Chester-based artist Christine creates abstract landscapes, fuelled by her active outdoor lifestyle. Paintings, prints and collages capture the calm, strength and energy of nature, often inspired by the coast. 

Collage work by artist Christine Evans

Christine’s work has its starting points in the land and coastal areas around her, the wild and open places she runs and walks. She responds to the glimpses and glances of the shapes, boats, rocks, contours and the colours that pass her by and please her.

More and more, Christine is exploring the process of editing out what is irrelevant whilst keeping strength and clarity in her work.  At one extreme of this exploration she uses collage and very simple shape constructions, or printing making with the focus on the meeting of just two shapes. And when the urge arises she goes to another end of the exploration and paints large and looser to follow the same curiosity but with a different energy and set of constraints.

Artist Christine Evans smiling

Her journey as an artist began later in life, a bold pursuit at the age of 40. Yet, with a background in delivering art projects, the creative flame flickered, leading her to an art degree and ultimately, her own artistic path. Christine describes her work as "abstract work in nature," drawing inspiration from the landscapes she traverses.

Less of a direct representation and much more of a response to her experience; her process uses sketches, photography, works on paper through to collages, printmaking and larger paintings. 

Christine Evans x Emily Hadley

Available exclusively at No 13

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