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Meredith draws inspiration from the emotional. Love, connection and sentiment inspire her the most. She shows these intangible forms mainly through text and illustration.

Meredith Adams Studio with a potter's wheel

Meredith Adams hand builds her ceramic work, sculpting and shaping tableware and vessels from her studio in Norwich. In this homely, creative space, she is able to complete every stage of the pottery process.

To preserve the inherent beauty of the clay, Meredith avoids refinement, imbuing her work with a raw and expressive quality. The natural character shines through in each individual piece.

Words are an important element in Meredith’s work, ceramic work is personal, it is important to her that the viewer can relate to this emotion and subsequently rest somewhere within it.

Meredith Adams and Emily Hadley laughing

"They are mine but then they are yours and everyone else’s too"

2021 saw Meredith collaborate with British-French artist Galina Munroe to create a series of colourfully striking ceramic pieces, each based on one of Galina’s paintings. This culminated in exhibitions at the Union Gallery, London and the PIERMARQ* gallery located in the Surry Hills of Sydney, Australia.

Meredith's heartfelt work is taking the interior design world by storm. Not only has it been featured in Grazia magazine, but a recent collection of 100 pieces sold out in less than a month at the Glassette pop-up shop in Selfridges.

Meredith Adams, Norwich based potter standing by her kiln

Inspiration from the emotional

Words are an important element in Meredith’s work, her ceramic work is so personal

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