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Polly Luce

Back at No. 13 with this delightful and exclusive collection, Polly has created these works on Khadi paper in open frames, hand painted in a sophisticated selection of Farrow & Ball colours.

Artist Polly Luce in her studio with Emily Hadley

Polly grew up in East Devon and has always felt a strong connection with the landscape and the sea, which tends to inform the basis of her paintings. She now lives in Bristol and is represented by galleries across the UK.

Using a variety of mixed media, her paintings seek to capture a fleeting moment or emotion while celebrating the joy of gestural mark making. Her approach is largely intuitive; the paintings unfold and develop almost of their own accord and she aims to invite the viewer to find an emotional connection within the painting.

Polly is a fan of the Abstract Expressionist movement in mid twentieth century America and draws inspiration from artists of this period. She also enjoys the juxtaposition between a physical and expressive painting process and more contemplative elements of deep calm within a painting. She seeks to use both processes in her work and a painting will often begin in a very gestural way before gradually finding a resolution with softer, more considered marks.

A celebration of the landscapes of South West England

Produced exclusively for No 13

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