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Liese Webley

I had the recent pleasure of meeting Liese in person and got to know a little more about her process, meticulous eye for detail and expertise with colour.

These vibrant oils are a joyous interpretation of local harbours and beaches, beautifully framed and ready for your home. 

Artist Liese Webley playfully hiding behind one of her artworks with her eyes peeping over the top

Liese Webley is an established professional abstract artist of over 20 years. Her colourful paintings are mainly inspired by nature. This could be in and around Devon and Cornwall where Liese is based – in particular the coast and the moors – though also further afield including Cyprus where Liese was awarded a Leonardo Da Vinci Fellowship at the Cyprus College of Art. Liese’s work recalls memories of place and is characterised by recurring motifs such as arches, trees and floats.

Each painting has gone on a unique journey which can have taken weeks, months, and even years to resolve. Rich in layers and with an authentic surface, each painting has its own story to tell; their history only fully appreciated in the flesh as these layers reveal themselves. Liese is her own fiercest critic, only allowing a piece to leave her studio when she knows it is ready to go out into the world.

Original framed oils on canvas

Days, months and sometimes years in the making

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