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Art can bring a home to life and is a great way of adding colour, soul and character to a space. My own experience of acquiring art and working with artists to create a distinctive interior style has led to my house featuring in interior magazines such as Ideal Home and 25 Beautiful Homes and resulted in 50k Instagram followers.


I am constantly seeking out the best talented emerging and established artists so you don’t have to, regularly showcasing new artwork that will add colour, style and substance to your home.

As an avid art collector and serial house renovator myself, my own home is full of carefully curated artworks ranging from postcards, festival fliers, vintage maps and my own children’s drawings to limited edition prints and original paintings from contemporary artists. Every piece has a special meaning to us as a family and brings real joy to our lives. I truly believe that the art you possess should speak to you in some way and give you pleasure every day. 

Browse the gallery shop section of my website for the latest collaborations and to visualise how each artwork looks in a home.  The gallery is predominantly online but if you wish to view a piece in real life, please get in touch via and I will happily make an appointment which can be in real life or via video call.

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