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Jo Rance

Interrupted palettes characterise Jo’s paintings, pastel tones peppered with acidic accents are frequently noted in her collections.


I'm thrilled to be featuring the amazing Jo Rance, a Cambridge based painter who is gaining quite a name for her beautiful countryside landscapes with their mesmerising marks and intriguing colour palette. Pretty pastel colours happily rub shoulders with pops of fluorescent hues, if you are a fan of Fauvism (I definitely am) you will love her work.

With a background in woven textile design, Jo moved into painting in 2020 after graduating from Loughborough University in 2019. Her previous award winning creative work in fabric construction and colour remains visually clear in her vibrant colours and decorative painting style.


Taking note of her surrounding countryside, flora and fauna through location drawing, Jo primarily works with acrylic on canvas in her studio. The seasonal transitions of the British landscape continually inform her work; there’s an organic pull for Jo to document the natural world as she sees it. 

"Plein air painting and working in her sketchbook amidst the elements is a key part of her practice, providing almost meditative reward."

Interrupted palettes characterise her paintings, pastel tones peppered with acidic accents are frequently noted in the collections. Jo’s paintings provoke a sense of natural wonder and the intrinsic joy of being outdoors.

Jo Rance signature-green.png

Provoking the intrinsic joy of being outside

Interrupted palettes of pastel tones peppered with acidic accents

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