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Lucy Muss

Kitchen Stories is a series painted by Lucy exclusively for my No 13 gallery celebrating the charm and beauty of simple daily life, at home or on holiday, in everyday objects such as flowers, food and drink.

Studio of artist Lucy Muss
Lucy Muss having a laugh with Emily Hadley

Lucy’s fascination with colour is evident in her paintings alongside a love of space, shape and pattern. As a Cambridge languages graduate, Lucy’s passion for travel, storytelling and foreign culture shines through her work - reflected perfectly in her Kitchen Stories collection available exclusively at Number 13.

Lucy spent many years writing and directing films; for her, the art direction side was a huge draw - exploring the narrative through objects and colours, interiors, light and spaces. After having children she felt the need for a more direct link to creativity that didn't involve as much delay and hoop jumping as the film world. She was drawn to the world of design and her love of sourcing, styling and art led her to become an interior designer. Painting was a natural evolution of this as a further creative outlet, and she hasn't looked back! 

The immense deep freedom and power of putting brush to canvas, creating new pieces is something that fuels, excites and frees her. She uses her knowledge of colour and space, her love of storytelling and observations of life in all her work. As Lucy herself says, “I like to focus on the smaller moments that create big memories.”

Kitchen Stories 

Celebrating the beauty of simple daily life.

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