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Let me introduce you to Brigitte. She loves to sing and dance in the shower which gives her a real sense of freedom (yes, she has had a few near misses but luckily her current shower has a pretty grippy floor and a useful handle on the inside of the door).

Tiny Dancer No. 3 ~ Brigitte 🔴

  • Emily Hadley

    Brigitte is super shiny with hand stamped details along some of her edges.

    Soldered copper sheet and copper wire, overall Brigitte is 15cm wide by 17cm tall.

    Provenance: from the artist's studio

    Please be aware that tiny dancers are for ornament only. They are incredibly delicate, sharp in places and will not stand up to being outside or played with by children. Because they are made from copper, they will tarnish over time but can be cleaned and polished if required.

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