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Georgie Weedon

Georgie’s colourful and joyful semi abstract paintings are inspired by the things she loves: music, the sea, still life and a sense of the “aliveness” of things.


An established documentary film-maker who travelled the world for the BBC and Al Jazeera, Georgie has very successfully refocused her unbounding creativity and turned her hand to painting.  Her fun, energetic personality comes across in her glorious artworks. Imagine a burst of sunshine on canvas. Joyful, brightly coloured paintings brimming with life and optimism.

Her work reflects her love of colour, the wild and ancient parts of the UK, as well as a mild obsession for the coast, flowers, pottery and jugs.  Amongst many others, she is inspired by Bernard Cathelin, Jo Vollers, Somerset potter George Bronwin and the blues of Matisse!


"While a Hockney original might be slightly out of budget, I’ve fallen in love with the colourful and joyful artwork of Wiltshire-based English-Australian painter Georgie Weedon"

- Louisa Parker Bowles, Conde Nast Traveller

Georgie works mostly in acrylic, charcoal and canvas and paints from her studio in Wiltshire where she lives with her artist husband Philip Shaw and daughters Margot and Rosebud.

I asked Georgie to create a collection of still life floral pieces and she did not disappoint.The first thing that hits you is the riot of colour. Bold hues like cobalt blue, acid yellow, and fiery red dominate the scene. Georgie certainly isn't afraid to use contrasting colours for maximum impact, creating a sense of energy and vibrancy. The arrangement of objects in Georgie’s painting is anything but static. Flowers burst out of their vase, their stems intertwined in a joyful dance. Georgie’s painting style is loose and expressive. Think swirling brushstrokes that capture the texture of a tablecloth or the delicate petals of a flower, there's a tangible sense of movement and energy in every mark.

These joyful still life paintings are more than just depictions of objects. They're celebrations of colour, light, and the beauty found in everyday life. Choose one today and bring joy in the form of art into your home!

A sense of the “aliveness” of things

A tangible feeling of movement and energy in every mark

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